:: happy gut kombucha ::
happy gut kombucha… why?
living beverage. long-age brew. organic base ingredients. bottle-conditioned for optimal effervescence.
medicinal herbs, roots, and fruit flavorings.  some of the flavor profiles I like: lemon ginger black-cherry.  ginger-turmeric.  tulsi (holy basil).  pomegranate-blueberry.  “brain blend” (gotu kola, ginseng, wood betony).  elderberry.  schizandra berry.  yerba mate-lime.
kombucha is an alkaline-forming food.  which means that it reacts in your tummy in such a way as to create a friendly environment for “good” micro-organisms.  at the same time, “bad” disease causing micro-organisms, and even cancer, cannot thrive.  why?  its all about the pH, baby.
I WANT SOME, you may say.  shoot over to the contact page, and we’ll remedy that.
$3.50/bottle. $18/six pack. returned bottles are always appreciated!

:: gourmet and medicinal mushrooms ::
wood-fruited mushrooms. higher nutritional value. better flavor. local.
i specialize in inoculated mushroom logs – marketing the fruit as well as the logs themselves. during flushing seasons, the fruit (mushroom) goes directly to consumers, co-ops, and restaurants.
for the homestead-minded consumer, I also sell pre-inoculated logs. this will allow you to add gourmet mushrooms to your garden and dinner plate by growing your own!

lion’s mane
reishi (highly medicinal)

seasonal workshops offered. please see contact page and email for inquiries and pricing.


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