the urban renaissance… you are what you eat!

we have all heard this phrase, but with the resurgence of self-sustainability in america, we can truly practice this once more. eating whole foods tells your body that you love it.

i believe we as humans are capable of so much more than we settle for. re-connecting with the outdoors is a nourishing for the mind and body. creating things feels good. connecting with neighbors, friends, and family is sustenance in itself.

its my dream to connect a network of small, backyard gardens and farms in order to build community and maximize health and happiness! we can do this together. as i experiment with projects under the urban renaissance project mantra, education and sharing is always a core goal. its with this philosophy that we can thrive. why shouldn’t you have a stack of gourmet mushroom logs growing in your back yard? why shouldn’t we all have a small garden growing our favorite fruit and vegetables? why shouldn’t we share our skills, goods, and services – further connecting us while we continue to better ourselves! …we should!

thanks for visiting.


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